You'll Have Had Your Hole

You'll Have Had Your Hole Within the sound-proof walls of a recording studio a score is being settled. Two inner city lowlifes take the law into their own hands to satisfy a craving for fun, fear and a freakish sense of justice.


You'll Have Had Your Hole premiered at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, in February 1998.


The original version of the play was directed by Ian Brown, with the cast as follows:

Dex- Malcolm Shields

Laney-Kirsty Mitchell

Docksey- Billy McIlhaney

Jinks- Tam Dean Burn


Look, Dex, don't be making any long-term plans, because you're going to be here for a while. It's going to be quite a miserable time, in fact it's going to be the worst. We can't guarantee that we won't just torture you for fun, even if you do co-operate - Docksey

Irvine's Comment

This was a great time for me as I was staying down in Leeds, hanging out at Back to Basics with my buddy Dave Beer and having big fun. I felt sorry for the actors having to go and do all the physical demanding stuff, while I sat back with some papers and listened. Malcolm Shields was brilliant, it was such a stressful thing for him to do, be suspended in swinging chains and abused every night, but he got on with it. It was Tam Dean Burn's first ever gay character, and I think he's carried a little of Jinks's swashbuckling camp into other roles since then.