Babylon Heights

It's depression America, and small people from all over the country and beyond have been recruited to the set of the MGM film The Wizard of Oz. It is a big-budget Hollywood production, but for the small people, the reality is different. They are billeted in a hotel in Culver City. Any group of people away from home and thrown together will make their own fun, and pay the price.


The world premier of this play took place at the Exit Theatre, San Francisco on 14th June, 2006.


This play benefted greatly in its development by support from the Magic Theatre in San Francisco, and a big thanks to Jessica Heidt. Also thanks to the Edinburgh Castle Pub in San Francisco and Alan Black and Jim Reece. The subseqent production was staged by the Attic Studios in the Mill Theatre, Dundrum, Dublin. Thanks to Graham Cantwell and Rachael Rath.


You knock dough, we ain't pissin on the same patch. You got some knockout broad on Hollywood Boulevard, legs so fuckin long you gotta stand on Charlie's shoulders to get a sniffa her sweet pie; she ain't gonna look twice at us. But you got a big buncha greenbacks in your tail, suddenly you ain't no short-assed gnome no more. -Bert Kowalski

Irvine's Comment

Dean and I went San Francisco for the show at the Exit, which was put on by my old buddies Alan and Jim in San Francisco. It was a great weekend for us. To be honest, I was a bit too nervous the first time and drunk the second time to appreciate the gigs fully. I was more relaxed at the Dublin show put on by The Attic Studio. Since then there has been a show in Austraila, which I didn't get attend. We have plans for Chicago and New York next.