Irvine's plays and theatre adaptations:


  • Babylon Heights

    It's depression America, and small people from all over the country and beyond have been recruited to the set of the MGM film The Wizard of Oz. It is a big-budget Hollywood production, but for the … Read more
  • You'll Have Had Your Hole

    Within the sound-proof walls of a recording studio a score is being settled. Two inner city lowlifes take the law into their own hands to satisfy a craving for fun, fear and a freakish sense of … Read more


  • Ecstasy

    The play is concerned with Lloyd and Heather's quest for love in the Ecstasy-drenched nightclubs of Edinburgh's early nineties. Both of them have demons to slay, as well as pills to be necked. But … Read more
  • Glue

    The story of four boys growing disgracefully and often dysfunctionally into manhood in the Edinburgh schemes. They all go of on their journey's, whether it takes them to the Blue Mountains of New … Read more
  • Filth

    Bruce Robertson, the anti-hero of Filth, is having a breakdown. His wife has deserted him, he has a nagging cocaine and alcohol habit, and on top of this, as Christmas draws close, a racially … Read more
  • Trainspotting

    The generation defining novel, before it became a global success as a film, was a highly succesful and controversial stage play. It won the Sunday Times award for best new play. It is the story of … Read more
  • Marabou Stork Nightmares

    Roy Strang's nightmares. Read more