The Acid House

The Acid House The Acid House is a trilogy of short films from Welsh's collection of stories of the same name. It features 'The Granton Star Cause', 'A Soft Touch' and 'The Acid House.' The middle story is a violent take of exploitation featuring a naieve young man and a neighbour from hell. The other two are fantastical tales of transformation.

Irvine's Comment

The Acid House was an excellent film, in it's own grungy, uncompromising low-rent way. It suffered from comparisons with Trainspotting, as almost anything would have, but I was very proud of it. It basically started life as three stories for Channel Four, and only got a cinema release opportunistically, after Trainspotting's global success. For some reason, it became a huge picture in Australia and Italy, probably due to the belief of the distributors and the marketing muscle they put behind it. In retrospect, it would have been better served with another writer adapting it and putting in some different ticks, rather than my cut-and-paste job. Dean Cavanagh's input would have been great. It was excellent to see Alex Howden, Muirhouse's greatest comedian, being tampered with in that manner in the Granton Star Cause. Also, my buddy Gary McCormack made his screen debut here, and would go on to work with the likes of Scorsese and Loach.


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