Bad Blood

The story of Davie Mitchell, HIV positive, who takes a terrible revenge on Alan Venters, the man who indirectly infected him. Bad Blood was a self-contained section of the novel Trainspotting. It stars the brilliant Scottish actor, Alan Cumming as Davie.


This short film was released in 2004. It has played at many festivals, notably the excellent too-cool-for-school Tribecca in New York City.


Roger Paul - Writer Producer

Peter Cummings - Writer Producer

Kyle Leydier - Writer/Producer/Director

Irvine's Comment

Canadians. They've done Ecstasy the play, Ecstasy the film, and had various theatrical productions of Trainspotting on. I've had a magnificent time when I did a book tour there, loads of Hibernian strips in the Toronto and Vancouver crowds. They also did a great job of Bad Blood, with Alan Cumming excellent as Davie.

As they say:

Sheldrake here, live at the Tribeca Film Festival. Actors and directors invading, draped on chairs, hitting the snacks table. Beautiful women, talented writers and directors. Producers with the scene of blood in their noses. This is why we’re here at Tribeca. To crawl into the machinery of indie filmmaking and deliver some of the goods back to you folks. I hope you enjoy this interview with the makers of BAD BLOOD, a 20 minute thriller starring Alan Cumming.

And here's the interview, done April 23rd 2005.

SHELDRAKE: So, you did a short narrative movie with Alan Cumming, one of my very favorite actors. X-men, Spy Kids, the computer nerd in Goldeneye spill a lil bad blood on me.

KYLE: A dark, revenge, thriller type movie. Alan Cumming plays Davie, who is a man on a mission to get revenge on the man responsible for his girlfriend's death and his own contraction of the HIV Virus.

SHELDRAKE: Wowww. nasty. And very dark. It must be an intense 20 minutes. Cumming is an interesting actor to choose.

KYLE: One of these guys who doesn't have to say anything at all, it's all in his face.

ROGER: Such an interesting choice for him to do this. It's not a usual sort of role for him.

SHELDRAKE: Yeah, the killer, it's definitely against type for hin. He's usually so humane and sympathetic, the roles he picks. Vulnerable is another word I think of with him. Sensitive. Heroic. Schlmiel. Like that.

PETER: Now, we all work in Vancouver, we keep running into each other and Kyle's wanted to do this story for quite a few years, so we came together over it. It's a really excellent cinematic story. It's a short story from TRAINSPOTTING that was not used in the film, so we had to go to Irvine Welsh with our idea, and he got us an exemption from Andrew McDonald (producer of Trainspotting), then we went to Random House, then Alan came on board!

SHELDRAKE: It's your first feature.

KYLE: Yeah, we shot it in 4 days on 35 millimeter film

SHELDRAKE: 20 Minutes, cinemeatic quality it sounds light it be a really cool one-third of a feature thrillogy release. [If that's never been used, then that's AICN PROPERTY boys!]

KYLE: Wow, that's EXACTLY what we we're after. Our talks with Random House are leaning that way, towards another couple of adaptations we're very interested in telling controversial zeitgeist stories we love the short film form. We want the feature format, but the intensity of a short film makes it perfect for this kind of story. And that's it. AICN Fans, I'll be shooting a little vial of this bad blood into my veins tomorrow, and I'll report back on how tasty it was.