Ecstasy Although an adaptationEcstasymerits a description of its own, as there have been amendments to the original storyThe Undefeated which is from the trio of stories authored by Welsh. While the book concentrated more on the romance between unlikely couple Lloyd and Heather, the movie also features a drug smuggling scene. It stars Scottish actors Adam Sinclair and Billy Boyd, with Heather being played by Kristen Kruek.

The film was adapted and directed by acclaimed Canadian director Rob Heydon. Most of it was shot in Canada, where Welsh filmed a cameo scene as a Scotland Against Drugs businessman, which was eventually cut from the finished edit. Irvine writes: "Rob has worked wonders in getting this film made. It starts off like a 90's version of Trainspotting, but then finds its own identity as the love story kicks in. Adam and Kirsten are wonderful as the troubled couple and I've never seen Edinburgh shot so beautifully. It took me back to the cold fields, abandoned factories, grotty dance halls and scabby flats of the 90's where we all danced, hung out and talked shite. It's a film for critics, but one which will prove a big affirmative experience for everybody who went mental in the 90's, and the kids who are out there doing the same today. Rave on! "