Irvine's film adaptations, originals, shorts and music videos:

Film Adaptations

  • Trainspotting

    "Description? Just read the book section." Read more
  • The Acid House

    The Acid House is a trilogy of short films from Welsh's collection of stories of the same name. It features 'The Granton Star Cause', 'A Soft Touch' and 'The Acid House.' The middle story is a … Read more
  • Ecstasy

    Although an adaptationEcstasymerits a description of its own, as there have been amendments to the original storyThe Undefeated which is from the trio of stories authored by Welsh. While the book … Read more


  • Wedding Belles

    A transit smashes through the iron gates of a cemetery and four women clad in bridal white spill out with shovels. They drag a corpse from the wet earth, then career through the streets of Edinburgh … Read more
  • Good Arrows

    Andy "The Arrows" Samson is a fading darts superstar, trying to cling to past glories. His star has been on the wane since he left his mentor Alvin Coolidge, to be managed by his wife, the mercurial … Read more
  • The Magnificent Eleven

    The Magnificent Eleven is a remake of The Magnificent Seven and stars the last surviving member of the seven, the legendary screen and television actor Robert Vaughn. The action is … Read more


  • Nuts

    Nuts is a short film written and directed by Irvine Welsh. It is produced by Dublin novelist, film-maker and artist Emer Martin and shot by Greg Hecq, the high priest of Los Angeles cinematography. … Read more
  • Dose

    Written by Irvine and Dean, directed by Phil John and starring Jon Owen, this is the tale of infectious diseases in South Wales. Welsh and writing partner Dean Cavanagh penned the 30-minute drama … Read more
  • Bad Blood

    The story of Davie Mitchell, HIV positive, who takes a terrible revenge on Alan Venters, the man who indirectly infected him. Bad Blood was a self-contained section of the novel Trainspotting. It … Read more
  • The New Ten Commandments

    Irvine and Mark Cousins (one of his partners in Four Ways films) have directed a ten minute film which comprises one of ten short films around human rights. Irvine and Mark have done a profile of the … Read more

Music Videos

  • Atlantic

    A video shot for the band Keane. It was co-scripted with Dean Cavanagh and stars another of Irvine Welsh's business partners, Jonathan Lewis Owen. It is a moody, disturbing black and white piece, … Read more
  • Is It Over

    This was the video of the single from Gene's comeback album. It was shot in the New Forest. Read more