Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance

Rebecca Navarro, best-selling authoress of Regency romances, suffers a paralysing stroke. Assisted by her nurse, Rebecca plans her revenge on her unfaithful husband. But will Freddy Royle, hospital trustee, celebrity and necrophiliac, thwart those plans? Dave Thornton, soccer thug, has lost his heart to flawed beauty Samantha Worthington. Together they go in search of the man who marketed the drug that crippled her - in order to cripple him. Lloyd from Leith has a transfiguring passion for the unhappily married Heather. Together they explore the true nature of house music and chemical romance. Will their ardour fizzle and die in the grim backstreets of Edinburgh, or will it ignite and blaze like a thousand suns?


What if, but, no no no but what if no no no a staggering trip; me now flying off into space seeing the Buist body: a deserted shell being dragged along to the mass murderer pervert restauranteur's lair, this body being folded over a table with lubricants applied to the arsehole and penetration achieved just as the victim's cartoid artery is severed with a kitchen knife. The blood is expertly drained off to be collected into a bucket to make black pudding and the body is systematically dismembered following being pumped full of Yoker semen and that night in the trendy West End eating house the unsuspecting Weedgies sit spraffing unaware that instead of feating on their usual dead rats they are munching the remains of Lloyd A. Buist, an unattractive divorcee of the parish of Leith, integrated into the City of Edinburgh in nineteen canteen, naw naw hud on, nineteen twenty cause ah ken ma history and it's enough tae make yir heart's go ooh la la ah fancy a shag cause ah just saw something or someone gorgeous pass my line of trance-vision up here in the clouds but yeah, they took Leith into Edinburgh in spite of a popular plebiscite that rejected the merger by a ratio of something like seven billion to one...


“A pure writer, producing staggering feats of storytelling... The skill of a master”

- Independent

“Welsh writes with a skill, wit and compassion that amounts to genius. He is the best thing to have happened to British writing for decades”

- Sunday Times

“Urgent, violent, bleakly funny prose”

- Nick Hornby - Times literary Supplement

Irvine's Comment

"Ecstasy is a funny book for me, and in some ways it's probably my biggest disappointment. It gets an incredible emotional response from some people. One young woman was in tears at a reading when she approached me, she told me I'd written her life story in 'The Undefeated', which is probably the best story in the book. The other two were strong ideas but badly executed - they simply needed another draft. At the time I was living in Amsterdam, out of the way of Trainspotting mania, which did me a lot of good but the book probably less so. I was raving loads and taking tons of E, so unlike Trainspotting, I was probably a little too close to the culture I was writing about to capture it accurately. Now i'd be able to do better with that one. However, it did go straight to No1 in the best sellers list and became the first ever paperback original to achieve this, so I was pretty chuffed about that. 'The Undefeated' was made into a brilliant stage play by a Canadian guy called Keith Wyatt, and it made me think that I should have written the book that way. I felt Keith had done what I was trying to get at better than I did. Now it is being filmed by Rob Heydon, another Canadian. I can see it working really well on the screen."
Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance